BEWDLEY Fire Station provides an excellent base for our fire-fighters to get to incidents West of the Severn, inside and out of Wyre Forest and of course, into areas that are hard to reach in the Home Office recommended times.

I realise it is down to close, but economically the case to shut it does not add up.

More than that, response time to incidents near Bewdley, Rock, Callow Hill, Far Forest etc will take several minutes longer.

Staff recruitment is vital.

It’s probably harder to have personnel recruited from these named areas where they now work at Bewdley, than to attend the Fire Trucks /Pumps at the proposed new Kidderminster Fire Station.

In the review, I did protest and write against the closure of Bewdley.

It’s Labour’s policy to freshly consider all proposed Fire Service cuts, and I fully support this.

A Labour Government with Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister would better defend the Fire Service and better protect our communities.

Nigel Knowles - Labour councillor – Franche and Habberley North ward