BROADWATERS has lost two of its old and much loved public houses in recent months.

This is a sad consequence of our changing times but no excuse for the dangerous neglect of The Broadwaters Inn.

The Yew Tree by contrast has been properly secured and made safe. The Broadwaters Inn has exposed, smashed windows that butt directly on to the public pavement.

Much of the lead has been removed from the roof, heavy slates are dislodged and hang dangerously on the steeply pitched roof.

The rear of the building is open to anyone who would care to walk in.

It is foreseeable that someone, perhaps an overly adventurous child, could well be killed or injured around this site.

It seems to me the council is failing in its duty to protect the public from a wide range of obvious hazards.

For reasons best known to themselves they have so far failed to enforce basic safety standards.

It is a great shame that a building of such architectural interest should be left to deteriorate beyond repair.

Paul Wooldridge Kidderminster