JUST shy of half the electorate voted Remain , little wonder then that Remainers such as Rachel Greenwood are spitting feathers. Mr Cameron called the referendum confident it would overwhelmingly endorse remaining in the EU.

Consider these facts before changing your mind on Brexit. We pay in more to the EU than we get back.

The EUs covert aim has always been the creation of a United States of Europe where countries would be turned into federal states.

If it was only meant to be a trading block why the flag, anthem, single currency, open borders, Foreign secretary, harmonisation of taxes, foreign embassies, a single President and a standing Euro army? When we declared that we intend to secede from the union Mrs Merkel made a speech regretting our decision and emphasizing that tax harmonisation must now “be accelerated to further bind the union of the remaining 27”.

We should walk away with ‘no deal’ and deal with any consequences.

This would actually be easier than the complex ballet being played out by both sides at present. The EU has a lot more to lose by putting up trade barriers and we are walking away, with no compensation, for all the European infrastructure we paid a disproportionate share to erect.

Ever closer union has to mean loss of sovereignty – the ability to frame our own laws in our own Parliament without asking permission of a commission we did not elect, cannot control and cannot sack. Rachel says “Democracy is important”.

I would respectfully suggest she buy a dictionary.

David Taylor Via email