I am most impressed with the way the County Council managed to save our money by persuading the Diamond Bus company to pay for the fuel spill caused – apparently – by the vehicle hitting a speed-bump on Queensway, Wribbenhall.

It is particularly impressive in that it was the council’s speedbump which caused the leak and full-width speed-bumps are actually illegal on bus routes, apparently because of the risk of injury to rear-seat passenger.

Moreover, at least one of those speed-bumps has approach and departure ramps far steeper than all others on that route and probably exceeding the accepted guidelines. Indeed, might it be that the cause of other fires on board these buses has now been identified? So, congratulations to the county council for so superbly passing the buck to the bus company and not having to spend thousands of (our) pounds compensating them.

R Waddington Bewdley