SO yet another public service in Wyre Forest, the Ludlow Road centre, is to bite the dust. Yet again Tories claim they want to see even better services.

They are deliberately misleading the public.

The truth is that the Tories are implementing a neo-liberal capitalist ideology which requires the elimination of many public services.

It has been happening for years.

The Tories just do not have the courage to be honest about it.

Our MP, Mark Garnier, subscribes to this ideology.

He will no doubt remain silent about Ludlow Road.

He was silent about the closure of Harvington Ward just over a year ago. I am still waiting for him to reply to me with his views on that loss.

Those of us who have a disabled child as a close relative know the value of support services.

The Tory party is run by rich people who can pay easily for their own private services. They do not know the value of anything other than the profits of their business investments which are served by this free market capitalist ideology.

Thank you Stephen Brown and Ben Davies for starting the campaign to save Ludlow Road. The bigger campaign is to defeat the Tories. Week after week we see Stephen campaigning vigorously against all Mr Garnier stands for. This government could well have to call another early election.

Surely the Labour Party must select its candidate soon. Stephen has shown that he is the one with a chance of unseating Mr Garnier.

Nigel Gilbert Kidderminster