HAVING lived in Areley Common, Stourport on Severn, for the last two years, I have become increasingly disgusted by the behaviour of some people.. I often use the passageway connecting Areley Common to Chesshire Avenue, and it is rare to see it without many pieces of litter. The council clean it on a regular basis, so no blame can be laid at their door. Unfortunately, it is the perennial problem of a few inconsiderate morons who throw their lottery tickets, empty beer cans, pie wrappings etc. The worst culprits however, are the ones who take delight in letting their dogs do their business in the passage. One in particular obviously takes their dog out in the late hours to foul the walkway, as I have never seen it in daytime (how i wish i would). These people are a disgrace, and should be exposed for the vile creatures they are.

Gerald Taylor Stourport