I’M saddened to read that Brian Rushton is attempting to drum up the patriotic spirit of two world wars to promote Brexit. A united Europe is the best way to make sure these horrors are never repeated.

It is indeed true that Brexit represents the greatest threat to this country since WW2.

Even the governments own assessments now tell us of the economic harm that will result, costing jobs and affecting the well being of all.

Why are we doing this?

Because a snapshot of public opinion 18 months ago revealed that a majority want to take back control. The overstated benefits of free trade are unlikely to be fulfilled and there will NOT be more money for the NHS. If we resent the co-operation we presently enjoy with our European neighbours, do we instead place our trust in China, or worse still, Trumps America?

We can and should learn from history but not by looking back to past glories.

The world is changing ever faster. To maintain Britain’s proud global leadership in the 21st century we need to ditch Brexit and co-operate to tackle todays major problems, climate change, terrorism and poverty. Please, for the sake our grandchildren.

Richard Greenwood Bewdley