Last month the Japanese Ambassador announced that Japanese companies in this country were unlikely to remain here after Brexit. They see Britain as “the gateway to Europe. Many thousands of jobs in the car manufacturing industry are therefore under threat. The North East will be particularly hard hit. This week five MPs from that area have been brave enough to defy party politics and warn their constituents of the dangers posed by Brexit.

This is not something we in Wyre Forest can afford to ignore. Many local jobs are dependent on the automotive supply chain.

Geographically we are part of Europe whether we like it or not. All future trade deals in the modern world will require “freedom of movement in return. India has already told us this. So we will not reduce immigration by leaving Europe.

The truth is dawning. Brexit will have severe negative consequences for us all. This is not fearful, gloomy or unpatriotic. It is realistic. Brexit is a mere dream being pursued by self interested politicians for their own ends.

Wake up Wyre Forest. Your livelihoods are at risk.

Richard Greenwood