Mark Garnier comments that without better and numerous trade deals than we currently enjoy, Brexit would be worthless.

Post Brexit, trade arrangements are likely to be worse not better.

Nearly half the UK's trade is with the other 27 EU members. Leaving will inevitably mean the UK will have poorer trade terms with them, not because of malign intent on their part, but for the simple reason that all trade groupings always work on the principle that members receive better terms than those outside. By choosing to leave, the UK disadvantages its trade with our largest group of customers.

While in the EU, the UK continues trading with the other countries . Leaving means UK will fall out of many agreements made between the EU and external countries. These will need renegotiating, together with new agreements. The blunt truth here is that size matters. The UK with a market of 65 million will struggle to get better arrangements than it can by being part of a EU team representing 500 million. The UK will have to make expensive and damaging concessions to achieve deals.

Mark Garnier should be honest with his constituents and admit Brexit is a "gratuitous act of self harm".

Stephen Thomas