May I thank all voters who voted Labour on May 3and returned Jamie Shaw and Gareth Webster to Wyre Forest District Council. Whichever way folks voted, it was good that they participated and used their democratic vote. Unfortunately, only around 30% of those eligible did make their mark, so 70% did not!

I’m in favour of compulsory voting, but it’s not on the agenda. Australia has compulsory voting, and I think the UK should have it as well. And I’m not assuming because of compulsory voting that Labour would get a majority across the country at election time.

I hope that the Tories are not successful in getting rid of 50 MP’s in the House of Commons. The system is already under the cosh from 9 years of Austerity Policies. To lose part of the Constituency map would make matters worse.

Let’s have voting at 16, compulsory voting and an elected second chamber of Senators, instead of the unelected House of Lords.

I believe that history is on our side, but don’t hold your breath in the meantime. Look how long it took women to get the vote and working class men. It only benefits the non-accountable rich elite by not having a democratic universal suffrage with truly representative Parliament in two chambers.

Nigel Knowles

Labour Councillor – Franche and Habberley North Ward

Leader of the Labour Group – Wyre Forest District Council & Kidderminster Town Council