It was upsetting to read about the terrible state of a stray dog picked up in Wyre Forest (Dog wardens hit out at ‘appalling neglect’ of stray, Shuttle, May 17).

I agree totally with Animal welfare officer Pip Singleton when she says that everyone should “consider their income when getting a dog and if their circumstances change, ask for help”.

However, something else it is important for people to do when getting a dog (or cat) is to make sure they obtain the animal from a rescue, rather than buying from a breeder.

So many dogs and cats are "unwanted" or abandoned these days, that rescue centres are unable to take them all in, meaning that many thousands end up being "put down" every year.

The main cause of the problem is the excessive breeding of these animals, but members of the public can help prevent this, by only obtaining animals from rescue centres (rather than from breeders) and by making sure they get their dogs and cats neutered or spayed at the earliest opportunity.

Bella Ryan