The proposed building of 300 dwellings on the land to the rear of Baldwin Road has not been thought about thoroughly. If these homes are built, where are the children going to go to school? I believe Offmore Primary is already at full capacity. These people will need Doctors. The nearest surgery is Stanmore House: to see your own Doctor now means you could be waiting up to 2 weeks, so what happens when there are more people? Traffic will be a nightmare. Now it builds up along the Birmingham Road and Chester Road North, especially in the Summer when you get the traffic coming to the Safari Park. These people, if they work in Kidderminster will use Baldwin Road into Hurcott Road as a rat-run (as some cars do now), or they will use Offmore Estate as a quicker alternative to get into town and try and miss the traffic. If they work in Worcester then I am sure they will use Offmore Estate and Spennells Valley Road. This will be dangerous for Offmore Primary and King Charles Lower School etc.

Before Green Belt land is used, use Sion Hill ,Sladen,Stourminster,Lea Castle sites and Brown Field sites first.

Mr Greenfield