It's happened again. Shuttle readers are treated to yet another "Letter from Parliament" (yawn!) throughout which, Mark Garnier witters on about a subject of which we are already aware.

What are his offerings on current, on-going local issues?

This week it's the government debate on medical cannabis - we are all aware of that - what we aren't aware of, is what actions he is taking, if any, on issues like the Save Our Fields campaigns; possible closure of family support units; the Wyre Forest's homeless; the overcrowding of Worcester Hospital, leading to patient diversions to Redditch; enough Police Officers to provide a visible Police presence on our streets; funding for schools meaning that Head Teachers don't have to approach parents, cap-in-hand, to supply books, and so-on.

Instead of jumping to his inept crony, David Nicholson's defence (Shuttle May 17th), and swanning off to foreign climes for chats, also mentioned recently, perhaps he would be good enough to use his column to inform Wyre Forest residents of how he is actually earning his keep as Wyre Forest MP, and why anyone should ever waste a vote on him again, because I fail to understand how he has managed to get away with his seeming lack of involvement, for so long.

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