Local Government is going through hard times with Central Government cuts being the real problem.

Our Local Authority in Wyre Forest is run by the Conservatives and of course, we have a Tory Government.

Our NHS has just celebrated its 70th year since it was established by a Labour Government on July 51948.

The Tories voted against the NHS being created and the recurring theme is that the Tories do not like Public Services and want lower taxes for the rich.

The Tories will abolish Government Grants to Local Authorities completely by 2020. This means that local businesses will pay tax directly to WFDC, our local taxpayers will contribute, and other income may be generated by creating “new income streams” through building developments which will generate rents and local tax, and provide other services which local people require from WFDC.

The Tories have the facility to borrow £35 million towards this plan, but, re-building of the Green Street Depot will cost £3.5 million. They will close the HUB at Kidderminster Town Hall which is accessible to most people and move it to Green Street. They have also reduced hard-won benefits to their workforce.

People should question the Tories about economic planning in Wyre Forest, their response would be interesting.

Nigel Knowles - Labour Councillor – Franche and Habberley North Ward

Leader of the Labour Group – Wyre Forest District Council & Kidderminster Town Council