Congratulations to WFCC for their nomination for the Numpties of the year award for your plan to axe 15 zebra/controlled school crossing patrols. Well let's see how you got nominated:

Would you consider the patrols have fulfilled their objectives of keeping children safe over the many years they've been in place? Yep

How many accidents have there been during the years they have been in place?

You tell me!

On the zebra only crossings (eg. Comberton school) how do you propose to control safely and efficiently the flow of both traffic and pedestrians without either lights or crossing patrol?

Bet you haven't thought of that!

Would you consider £45k per year value for money for 15 people's salary?

Definitely. That's £3k pp for ensuring children's safety.

Do any of you WFCC earn more than £3k per annum?

You bet!

So how can you save £45k a year and continue to keep children safe?

Keep the crossing patrols. Make internal redundancies you would save a darn sight more than £45k!

Finally, do you have sufficient funds in hand for compensation payouts if accidents occur where patrols have been axed?

Well, do you?

M Crisp