Our MP is correct to highlight the mess the country is in over Brexit. This is entirely of our own making and Wyre Forest voters were unwise to vote for an impossible dream in the first place. His final paragraph however does not go far enough. What our country, and constituency, needs is leadership to make the right decision about our future. There is plenty of evidence that local jobs will be affected and there will be less, not more money, for public services if we leave the EU.

Rather than maintaining entrenched positions we should demand full and accurate information, detailed impact assessments if you will, on which to make an informed view.

Two of the ministers who fed us lies in the 2016 referendum campaign have resigned and good riddance to them. This weak government is being driven by extremists towards a deepening crisis that will affect us all bar the richest and most privileged. We need a peoples vote to ensure a democratic decision based upon realism not ideology.

Richard Greenwood