Whilst the deepest respect must be shown to those who fought in both world wars, I am unsure whether it is wise of Mr and Mrs Barratt (Opinion Aug. 2) to bring up the memory of Churchill in arguing the case for Brexit. They speak of 'the freedom we enjoy today', but surely that freedom must include freedom to travel, an essential part of the EU concept? Churchill was passionate about minimising the barriers between nations and dreamed of a 'European family'. Any doubts about his pro-Europe thinking (cited by some Brexit supporters) are allayed by Sir Edward Heath who in 1996 said: 'I knew Winston Churchill, I worked with him, I stayed with him at his home, and I have read his speeches many times. I can assure you that Winston Churchill was no Eurosceptic'.

Let's truly embrace Churchill's warmth and spirit, which aspired to an ambitious union of governments. Let's join clubs, rather than isolate ourselves. In doing this we can still be patriotic.

Rachel Greenwood