I don't understand why there is opposition to a larger Tesco in Stourport.

Tesco is undoubtedly popular with shoppers, otherwise how could they have achieved their considerable market share and attracted such a volume of customers?

The present store in Stourport is too small for efficient provision to local users. It suffers from considerable overcrowding and cannot carry a full range of products.

The opponents of the plans to create a larger store cite competition with local shopkeepers.

What shopkeepers? We have neither a grocer nor a fishmonger in town and the four butchers appear to co-exist quite happily and as long as they provide their present specialist service they will have nothing to fear.

We are also exhorted to travel less so would it not be better to shop in Stourport rather than drive to Kidderminster?

Finally, Tesco are proposing considerable improvements to the town structure, improvements that the local council are unwilling or unable to afford. In addition, if the new store is built there would be an increase in rate income to the council that would be of benefit to the community.