AFTER five years of reading other people’s comments I feel I need to write in on two points – town councillors and the shocking punishment for the drunken 4x4 driver at the Horsefair in kidderminster.

In response to Paul Gittins’ request for a safety barrier at the end of the footpath from the Walshes estate, has the town councillor visited the site before making his request to the already under-funded Highways department?

I think not, for he would see there are steep steps on the approach to the junction with The Rough, therefore cyclists should not even be on their bikes as they approach it.

In any case what use would a barrier serve to the cyclist involved in such an accident? I am sure the cyclist who would have been riding down the steps would have hit the proposed barrier instead?

Also the cyclist cannot complain after ignoring the signs which state no cycling? That would be akin to suing the swimming baths for diving in where it states no diving!

On his comment on the possibility of a youngster running out into the road, please tell me when this is not the case? The little scamps need eagle-eyed attention in the vicinity of all roads. Do we now propose to have pedestrian guardrails around all Wyre Forest roads to keep them safe?

I think the councillor is attacking the problem from the wrong angle. In my professional opinion the junction between The Rough and the Dunley Road is not suitable for the number of vehicles and pedestrians now using it.

In addition I feel the existing road alignment and retaining wall means that vehicles leaving The Rough do not have adequate visibility to see fast approaching traffic travelling towards Stourport. I feel it is only a matter of time before a serious accident occurs.

Whilst I am on this note, along with junction improvements required in this location, it is apparent to me (and my nasal passages) that the foul sewerage system in this location cannot cope with the high volume of weekend effluent expelled from its adjoining properties/ holiday homes/ caravans.

This then causes blockages further up the system, which the council kindly unblock on a monthly basis via our council tax contribution.

Maybe the caravan park has become too large? I’m not doubting the impact they have on the local economy, but possibly they should contribute to updating the access and foul system on which they depend.

It also makes me sick to the back teeth to hear about the 4x4 drunken driver escaping jail.

Where was the remorse in fleeing the scene and denying the charges? As for not being punished for not having car insurance, this is just another kick in the teeth for insured drivers who foot their bills.

It shows younger people a really good example too! I’m sure my younger sibling would like to avoid paying for his first car insurance at approaching £2,000 – however he will be very pleased to see his money going into the new shop frontage when the staggering maximum £300 compensation runs out.

I won’t go into the economic and environmental impact this driver has had on our local towns from the traffic chaos and lack of passing trade.

NAME SUPPLIED Walshes Estate, Stourport