I WOULD like to reply to last week’s anonymous letter which tried to ridicule me for requesting that a staggered safety barrier be installed at the end of the footpath which leads from the Walshes Estate to the Rough.

The main reason I requested the barrier was not because of the injuries suffered by the cyclist who failed to stop at the end of the footpath but because of the £1,300 worth of damage and inconvenience he caused to my friend’s car which he ran into.

Yes, I have visited the area and witnessed cyclists riding down the footpath and if the barrier prevents children from running out into the road after running down the slope that would be a bonus.

The No Cycling sign at each end of the footpath and the steps are no deterrent to cyclists on mountain bikes. That is why similar barriers are in place along Hermitage Way and Linden Avenue.

I have received messages of support from Stourport residents and am pleased to say that the highways authority are seriously considering my request.

PAUL GITTINS Labour town councillor, Lyttleton Road Bewdley