THIS month I am going to focus on two issues often raised at community meetings … under-age drinking and irresponsible motorists.

I think everyone knows that people under 18 cannot legally buy or drink alcohol in public. The police, Community Support Officers and some other designated people can deal with this.

What you may not be so aware of is that buying alcohol for those under 18 is also an offence. These are termed as ‘proxy sales’.

Wyre Forest Community Safety Partnership and the police have taken action on proxy sales including trying to raise awareness, offering support to off licences and arranging training.

The consequences of buying alcohol for minors are very real. Youngsters under the influence of alcohol may not only be a nuisance but can also easily become crime victims themselves.

Four local people were recently prosecuted for proxy sales and were each fined £80. Please don’t do it!

Irresponsible drivers are an issue that often features at PACT (Partners and Communities Together) meetings or in community surveys. PACT meetings are your opportunity to raise issues relevant to your area and important to you.

Speeding and irresponsible parking almost invariably come up. Therefore I would like to make a plea: Please keep to speed limits – they are there for a reason and are a maximum, not a minimum.

Use of a vehicle will have an impact on others and none more so than parking.

Parking on pavements can cause obstruction and this, as well as driving across pavements, is illegal.

Use your own drive or even better, a garage, if available. It’s good practice to park in well-lit areas. I know space in some streets is limited and most of us like to have our vehicle nearby, but please be considerate to your neighbours.