HOW rejuvenating to see that Chief Inspector Crowley (On The Beat column, July 2) has a positive attitude to policing in the Wyre Forest area but he forgot to mention that parking on verges and grass is also illegal.

These areas are owned by Worcestershire or Wyre Forest councils and any damage repair, comes from your council tax.

As an active member of PACT I would like to illustrate some action points for stress caused by inconsiderate neighbours.

  • Contact your local policing team and ask for an officer to attend – CSOs can be sent but their powers are very restricted.
  • Telephone your local Community Officer – you are allowed access to his/her mobile telephone number.
  • Use the appropriate council – Worcestershire or Wyre Forest – complaint form. These can be collected , or sent, from Hub offices.
  • Attend a PACT meeting with a positive group of friends or neighbours. As only three proposals are actioned by the committee, block voting will ensure your proposal goes through.

This will also give the police a better indication of the concerns within the area, for this is the baseline from which the police gauge for their response. So, by getting involved you get what you want done!

  • You can involve you local councillor but unfortunately not all are respectful of the community amenities or the residents.
  • If this action does not bring a result then there is always the media – trial by the press can obtain a result.

However, do not expect gratitude for your endeavour, for ignorance of the common law of respect for others, within the community, is driven by selfish idealism and as a result can trigger some antisocial behaviour.

Good luck with any action in which you are involved. Hopefully by not allowing the thoughtlessness of the minority to dominate the majority, the beauty of the Wyre Forest area can be preserved for future generations.