TODAY, Friday, July 24, I had the wonderful experience of sitting in traffic on the dual track coming into Stourport for an age.

I was not aware of any problems with roadworks, but I understand it could have been arranged and set up all week, as this was the first time I had travelled home that way.

Just when you thought that the council had got their act together regarding roadworks in this town, they stun us again.

When I finaly got to the roadworks, I found a four-way system had been set up between Minster Road, The Kingsway and St Johns Road, but guess what? There was what look liked an abandoned digger in the middle of the road and no-one in sight.

That was it, at 3pm on a Friday afternoon in the peak season. So yet again we try and do our best to discourage visitors reaching this town and losing business to our shops and attractions.

I have tried reaching Worcestershire Highways, but after being on hold for 10 minutes, the line went dead, so I have left a message, to see if someone can explain the logic in this.

I wait in hope and will be the first to write an apology, if my Mr Angry routine was uncalled for.