“THE only reason we are here tonight is because of the bully boy tactics of Midcounties Co-operative Limited because they don’t want competition from another retailer,” said Councillor John Campion in the Shuttle (August 7) about the Tesco planning meeting.

How mean of the big, bad Co-op to bully poor little Tesco.

The article also reported: “Conservative John Campion, Leader of the council, said he agreed the application was “not perfect” but that the concerns raised over traffic management should be “taken forward” by Stourport’s two Worcestershire county councillors.”

Just watch that buck fly!

Indeed, a couple of days later, Councillor Campion and two of his Stourport Tory colleagues were telling a local radio station that they’re not in favour of the Tesco project unless the traffic issue is resolved.

Considering that the Highways Officer at the planning meeting offered no credible ideas for overcoming this problem and considering that the two county councillors who caught that buck are from Health Concern, just how far do we think they’ll get when they go cap in hand to Councillor Campion’s Tory chums at County Hall and ask for help? Bully boy tactics, indeed?

Of course, we all know who will suffer the consequences of this party political sparring match? For the sake of Stourport, work together on this, please.

NEVILLE FARMER Parliamentary Spokesman Wyre Forest Liberal Democrats