SEPTEMBER 23 was the second day that I have personally being affected by the road works in Stourport on the Gilgal. The day before wasn't so bad, I started my trip to work in Worcester as any other day but instead of using the Gilgal tried to find an alternative route to Worcester, the best appeared to be Bewdley, Shrawley then over the bridge at Holt Fleet. Quite busy but otherwise relatively traffic problem free, as was the return journey home. Imagine my horror when the return journey home tonight was not so.

Not only did I find road works at Shrawley, which thankfully only delayed my journey by five minutes, but I then joined a traffic jam along High Street, Bewdley, for approximately 15 minutes, only to find the right turn at the church to allow me over the river was blocked due to total gridlock because some idiot has decided to but road works right smack bang in the town centre having routed every signal car that would normally travel through Stourport on its way home, to find alternative routes via Kidderminster and Bewdley.

The traffic from Kidderminster was queued as far as I could see up past the Wagon and Horses on the Kidderminster Road in Bewdley, causing traffic to queue as far as I could see up the Habberley Road. I then had increased traffic past my house in Crundalls Lane as people tried to avoid the Kidderminster Road.

Who in their right mind closes a major throughfare and then puts road works on roads that have then become the main thoroughfare for people. Not only has this traffic diversion caused major disruption to people, having found what I thought was away to cope with that, it only got worse the day after.

Surely not all of these roadworks need to happen at the same time. My question to whoever is responsible for this unbelievable an incomprehensible behaviour would be WHY?

These people must appreciate that we have enough to deal with in our daily lives, let alone worry about getting to work and back on time and missing the deadline to pick the children up from childminders. We don't extra unnecessary stress. I dread to think what would happen if an emergency had happened whilst all this was going on.

FRUSTRATED DRIVER, Bewdley Via email