A WORD of warning to all the motorcyclists who park in the bicycle spaces outside William Hill in the Bull Ring, Kidderminster.

I have parked my moped in these spaces for a long time, after first checking with the wardens, who assured me this was ok. Well, after some moped/motorbikes were ticketed, I checked with the wardens who now say motorbikes and mopeds can no longer park there without a ticket being issued.

Apparently the police have told them it is illegal. I asked the wardens if a small notice could be displayed stating no motorcycles, to which they replied ‘we can’t do that, it’s not up to us.’ So motorcyclists who do park there need to be warned – you will get a £60 fine. To the car drivers who now find a moped taking up a whole space, I will apologise in advance but lack of parking for motorcycles has forced me to do so.

PAULINE HART Kidderminster