I REFER to Nigel Knowles’s letter in which he makes the assertion that I would be loyal to David Cameron as if that were a bad thing.

This year, thousands of Wyre Forest residents will vote Conservative. It is only right that those people, voting for a Conservative manifesto, should expect their Conservative MP to honour those promises.

It would be ludicrous to expect any parliamentary candidate to immediately renege on their election promises. Indeed Nigel himself has signed up to be loyal to Gordon Brown as the Labour candidate. I am sure Mr Brown is relieved to have Nigel’s support.

Nigel goes on to praise Labour’s investments in public services. I agree that investment is a good thing – but only if we can afford it. The fact is, even before the recession hit, we were borrowing huge amounts of money to meet Gordon Brown’s ambitious spending plans.

Brown turned a blind eye to banks because their taxes paid for his spending.

That is the point about this recession. It is deeper here because we were the worst prepared. The banking crisis was severe because banks were allowed, under Gordon Brown’s own regulations introduced in 2000, to create extraordinary situations that were highly toxic. In 1997, Gordon Brown inherited an economy in robust condition. Our country’s finances now lie in tatters.

Here in Wyre Forest, the choice is a little more complex. Not only is it about voting for either a Labour or Conservative government: it is about the choice of a local MP supported by a political party, or not.

It is about voting for an MP who will tell you their plans before your vote is cast, or someone who’s best promise is to decide at the last minute. It is about voting for someone who can leverage their influence on your behalf, or a lone voice amongst 645 MPs.

Richard Taylor is a thoroughly decent individual and there is absolutely no doubt at all that when the hospital was being downscaled, the man of the moment was always going to be a doctor.

But the issues now are local jobs and businesses; local families hit by the recession that desperately need an MP with a strong voice; and all local public services – not just health – that need a strong MP to fight their corner in Westminster.

Many people reading this letter will want a change of government. Only a vote for Conservatives can possibly achieve that. Many people will want to keep Gordon Brown; then you must vote for Nigel Knowles. Many people will want their local MP to deal with the important local issues facing us now; then you must read all candidates’ literature carefully.

And some people will still feel strongly that the big issue facing us a decade ago – the closure of A&E at Kidderminster – is still absolutely the only issue that matters to the exclusion of all others. That is where Dr Richard Taylor earns your vote.

MARK GARNIER Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Wyre Forest