WHEN are the people of this country going to wake up to this gigantic global warming fraud? I am a father of three school-age children who regularly tell me of how lessons have been hijacked by the ‘warming’ brigade.

I make it a top priority in my household to educate my children in the methods employed by the media/government/ councils who love nothing more than to scare people into believing the latest apocalyptic rubbish.

Let’s look at the list of major scares from the last four decades – nuclear war, the next ice age, asteroids colliding with Earth, mad cow disease, the millenium bug, avian flu, swine flu – all consigned to the history books with a whimper. I liken the current armageddon fad to the Waco cult in Texas, when David Koresh led everyone to believe he was the messiah and his cult members had to do everything he told them otherwise they were all doomed.

The reason that councils run short of salt every year is simple. Because they are taking advice from the Met Office and other government agencies who are telling them there is no need to stock up any more because our winters are all going to be mild from now on.

These are the same buffoons who are predicting rising global temperatures in the years ahead. We are all paying for this garbage – through our taxes, now and in the future.

My children don’t have to spend their time worrying about carbon emissions and rising sea levels because their father ensures they know the reason behind this latest doom-laden nonsense – the same reason for every scare throughout history – money. I’d love to insert my carbon footprint, into this brainwashing hogwash.

DAVID HUNTER Habberley Road Kidderminster