I HAVE great sympathy and indeed empathise with the views expressed by M Keys on April 8, regarding the enforcement of speed restrictions on roads.

However, as a resident of Belbroughton Road, Blakedown, I should like to point out that whatever the measures being employed by the police to prevent speeding in that location are (I haven’t seen any such thing for several months), they are failing dismally.

As I compose this response, cars are repeatedly travelling at excess speed outside, to the extent that on occasion, our cottage will actually shake.

Many neighbours have, like ourselves, had property damaged and pets killed by ‘hit and run’ drivers. It is nothing short of a miracle here – as well as in Stakenbridge Lane – that there has been no human fatality.

The width and straightness of Belbroughton Road add to its problems, as drivers attempt to pass at even higher speeds.

There certainly are pavements – but to say they are adequate pre-supposes that vehicles are not parked on them, an all-too-common problem.

The volume of traffic on Belbroughton Road has risen tremendously since the installation of traffic lights at Hackmans Gate. Streams of cars run down the road at peak times and now larger commercial vehicles use it daily – presumably as a result of directions from sat navs.

Recently, I read that a request has been made to reduce the speed limit on the A456 outside Blakedown School to 20mph. This is an admirable request and one which I support.

However, it appears to be eluding people that many of the children who attend the school live in Belbroughton Road. As summer draws closer, they will spend more time outside – using the blocked pavements and dodging the speeding vehicles.

Rather than comparing the safety levels of our roads, we should unite and demand that a higher value is placed on our safety and that of our children.

Where restrictions are imposed, they must all be vigorously enforced by whatever means are necessary.

Where are the politicians pledges to this?

LILIAN CLAMP Belbroughton Road Blakedown