WE would like to update readers of these pages on the latest happenings at Pound Green and Button Oak village hall. The promised AGM was held onTuesday, April 13 and was presided over by an ‘independent’ chairman. Three officers of the law were also in attendance, their presence having been requested by the committee in case there was a breach of the peace, and we were not quite sure what conclusion to draw from this!

Quoting from the letter sent out by the committee advertising the meeting: “The hall is managed in a democratic way; the AGM is your opportunity to be involved in the future success of the hall.”

The committee’s version of democracy was revealed as the meeting progressed and the main motion to define the area of benefit was proposed.

Although questions could be asked to clarify the voting procedure, no debate was allowed on the actual motion, clearly a denial of our democratic rights.

An amendment to the motion had been put forward by a local resident but this had been disallowed without discussion as it had been tabled outside the time limit for amendments. To be able to propose any amendments or objections within the time limit would have been impossible as the notice of the meeting was published at the very limit of the time period.

A secret ballot was held despite the uncontrolled way the ballot papers were handed out. The count, however, was conducted by independent tellers. Further motions were “voted” on, one to reduce the ratio of elected committee members by increasing the number of co-opted members from clubs. Despite the claims of the committee to be working for the benefit of the community, the area and families directly adjacent to the hall are completely disenfranchised! The only conclusion we can draw from the whole sorry affair is that democracy is dead in the Pound Green and Button Oak area. MR & MRS A HUMPHRIES The Granary Arley