I THOUGHT I would tell you about my experience from driving out today (Tuesday, November 16), while doing the school run!

It was really foggy this morning and I couldn’t believe the number of cars driving past, either on sidelights or roughly one out of 25 with no lights at all.

You couldn’t see more than two or three car lengths in front of you at times and there had been a frost too.

The law states, you should drive on dipped headlights or sidelights and front fog lights, if you have them, when the conditions are like they were.

It’s not quite so bad in town, but driving with only sidelights showing in these conditions is really dangerous down winding country lanes, as people really can’t see you coming.

A van (in front of me) and I passed two small coaches that were parked outside Stourport High School and a car was coming up the road, with only poor sidelights on and he showed his discontent to both of us, yet we couldn’t see him.

I’d say seven cars out of 10, were driving on sidelights, which is not good enough, especially as there were frosty conditions too.

People need to think long and hard about this, before accidents happen. I think doing this is worse than forgetting to turn your fog lights off, after the fog has gone.

That old saying I grew up with, ‘be safe be seen’, is very appropriate.

If you have internet access, please go to the government website, which tells you all this and please, switch on those dipped headlights on before someone has an accident.

The address is http://www.direct .gov.uk/en/TravelAndTransport/ Highwaycode/DG_069859 KEITH BISHOP Wrekin Walk Stourport