I AM writing to complain most strongly at the new posters about drinking. (Shuttle/Times & News, July 27).

Not that I don't think the message is important, I just do not like the use of animal heads on the posters, which I think is in very poor taste.

For one thing, have you ever seen a cow or an ass drunk? The only drink they ever imbibe is water, if they are lucky.

I know the phrases `stupid cow' and `dumb ass' are in common usage, and while I do not like them, I have to put up with them.

My objection has always been and still is that we seem to find animals fair game for abuse and amusement.

To my way of thinking animals have a dignity which is lacking in many humans and to attribute to them some of the worst aspects of human behaviour is, at best unfair, and at worst degrading.

I am sorry Worcestershire's Substance Misuse Action Team (SMAT) have seen fit to produce such posters, which I think show an abysmal lack of originality and I would like to hope they will re-consider their decision to display these and find some other analogy more human-based.


Sparrows Roost