I AM writing regarding the new car park scheme that has started at Morrisons in Kidderminster – but I’m not writing like endless others to complain bitterly about the inconveniences or the silly machines that take photos therefore invading your privacy.

I am writing because my fiancee works at Morrisons and has come home numerous times recently upset and stretched to breaking point because of the treatment received from customers who are making the complaints.

I have heard outrageous stories of staff being sworn at, threatened with physical abuse and having to put up with personal insults.

One of her colleagues had a plastic sign thrown at her. Another was told that she deserved to lose her job – but she has bills to pay and a family to support hence she’s in the job in the first place.

Others have had coins thrown at them in temper and one or two have been in tears from the tirade of abuse they are subjected to.

Are they and I the only people that know it wasn’t the shopfloor staff that made the decision to implement these charges?

Do the customers really think that they sat in the staff canteen and said, ‘Let’s set up the car park charges and annoy the customers?’ Be realistic, that decision was made by those miles away and in nice comfy offices without a thought for those on the shopfloor.

So can I make a plea to those who have or are considering voicing their opinion regarding this issue?

As is the case with many issues, it wasn’t the person standing in front of you who made the decision so please do not treat them as your verbal punchbag.

I’m sure, in fact positive, that your grievance will be handled with a lot more willing if your opinion was voiced in a polite way.