WHAT Mark Garnier and his party colleague, Mr Sturman fail to note in their letters against electoral reform is that had we used the proposed AV system last year, Richard Taylor would still have been our MP. Under the archaic first past the post system, 64 pert cent of Wyre Forest voted against Mark Garnier as MP but they got him anyway. How is that fair?

Sadly, Mark and Mr Sturman are endorsing a system where their campaigners can continue to say that a vote for anyone but them is wasted? You must have heard it? How is that fair? Isn’t it time that was ended?

AV uses the system that both Labour and Conservative parties use to choose their leaders and, as they well know, it’s simple. You just list the candidates you would accept in order of preference. You don’t have to vote for anyone you wouldn’t accept. The first candidate to accrue more than 50 per cent wins. Why is Mark afraid of that?

His argument that voters for small parties get more votes is fatuous. Those second and third choices might favour Mark, so what’s his problem?

After the election last year, I was accused of splitting the vote and keeping Richard Taylor out. That wouldn’t have happened under AV because my voters’ second choices could have boosted Richard’s count – or even Mark’s, for that matter. That is surely sensible and fair.

What’s really great about AV is that you can finally stop voting tactically.

How many people last May voted AGAINST Brown or Cameron? Too many, I fear. Wouldn’t it be great to vote FOR something for a change?

That’s why I’m voting for real change and for fairer votes on May 5.

NEVILLE FARMER Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate, Wyre Forest, 2010