WHY are we are paying more for fuel in Wyre Forest than neighbouring towns?

Recent letters in The Shuttle have highlighted prices typically three to four pence per litre higher for petrol and diesel.

Remember the days when Kidderminster supermarkets sold cut-price fuel? That was before small fuel stations and independents were forced out of business with up to 20 stations closing in Wyre Forest.

Now with so few, the supermarkets and other remaining outlets can charge what they like.

There is no real competition in Wyre Forest with stations, including major supermarkets, ‘price matching’, consistently higher than surrounding areas such as Stourbridge.

There is no excuse for this. The vicious Tory VAT rise has increased cost, but the distribution cost and level of fuel tax is the same in other areas.

Supermarkets are able to take advantage of bulk-buying discounts which could be passed onto the motorist. It’s time for an investigation of high fuel prices by Trading Standards and for Wyre Forest MP Mark Garnier to speak out on behalf of his constituents.

Our Tory MP recently spent time with the Royal Fleet Auxilliary as part of the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme. It clearly left an impression as he has asked not one but six parliamentary written questions on the workings of the Navy Auxilliary since his return from sea.

Perhaps Mark could now turn his attention to his constituents with the same vigour to ask questions and seek an investigation by the Competition Commission and Office of Fair Trading about high cost fuel and disparity at the pumps.

BARRY McFARLAND Woodfield Crescent Kidderminster