I WISH to take Councillor John Campion to task for his lack of understanding, especially if a comment doesn’t fit his dogmatic view of the world. (Top Tory hits out at “bigoted views”, Shuttle, November 3).

What Councillor Nigel Thomas was stating was the traveller site concerns of his constituents which should be aired in a democratic society.

This is the way that it will always be. Society will not always be perfect, but we should accept it this way, warts and all.

I would also take him to task for the sleight on my character for inferring I am a racist and bigot. He has also called into question the characters of all members, helpers and supporters of Independent Community & Health Concern.

I hope that Councillor Campion will have the common decency to withdraw his emotive remarks because I, for one, have never been a bigot or a racist. In fact I abhor the very notion of such.

JOHN LATHAM Bewdley Deputy Mayor Independent Community & Health Concern Wynn Close, Bewdley