I WRITE to object to a Kidderminster bridle path being barred from use for the very purpose it is intended (Horses blocked from bridle way, Shuttle, March 15).

Stanklyn Lane is an ideal road for hacking as it has plenty of visibility for car drivers, pedestrians and horse riders. The bridle path, which runs from Stanklyn Lane to the Spennells, is also a good link to Stone, Hartlebury, Mustow Green and neighbouring territories.

A bridle path by definition is “a path, cleared and compacted, reserved for riding horses and barred to vehicles”

Riders have few opportunities to ride off-road, and the majority of equine owner/riders are considerate to the general public. Would you block off a public footpath as freely? I doubt this very much. In fact, the truth of the matter is that as this bridle path is so frequently used, it is therefore necessary for it to remain open.

I have experienced dog owners who do not keep their dogs under control. Whilst riding my horse past them, at walking pace, these dogs bark and run at us and heaven forbid if a horse, spooked by a dog, should hurt said dog or run forward to get away from it.

Since when has a single councillor been allowed to use his position and ban the use of land for which it was given, based on rumour and not fact.

I would like to see evidence of his claim that horses have been frightening children and dog walkers.

The general public have ample opportunity to walk on alternative public footpaths, which do not have horses.

The gates on this bridle path should be removed and our rights to use this path reinstated.