WHAT a disgrace that schools are serving halal meat to Christian and other faiths in this area (Shuttle/Times & News, September 28). There is nowhere in Islam that says animals have to be killed by having their throats cut and their blood drained while still conscious.

Jews use this method of killing animals but have agreed to stunning first.

This type of killing was done in hot countries, where Muslims originate from, to ensure that meat did not go off quickly, not for any religious reason.

A commission was held by the present Labour Government into establishing if this method of killing meat was cruel. The members of that commission said it was but Labour decided to do nothing because they wanted Muslim votes at the last election.

People are well advised to either buy less meat and buy organic where you can trace the background of the animal or go vegetarian.

I suggest the parents of children at these schools tell the councillors of this town and the governors of their schools to stop doing trade with people who use meat from this offensive treatment of animals.