A RETIRED Kidder-minster couple who have been harassed by thugs for seven years say they are “appalled” that police cannot bring their nightmare to an end.

Enid, 77 and Gordon Holland, 76, told The Shuttle they have been verbally and physically abused and have had dog mess and rubbish thrown into their garden.

They say they are fed up with the police’s response and want the yobs taken off the streets.

Police, however, say there is insufficient evidence to take anyone to court over the offences.

“I’ve had cat excrement thrown at my garden, cars partially blocking our drive and they’ve driven cars at my wife,” said Mr Holland.

“We’re very angry and appalled at the apparent inability of the police to deal with anti-social behaviour.

“They’ve got to get their act together and get these people off the streets. We’re fed up with the way police are handling it .

“Police have lost control of the streets and something has got to be done. We’re livid. ”

The couple moved to Broad-waters Drive from Telford seven years ago to be closer to their children when Mr Holland was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

But within two months of moving, the harassment started and despite installing CCTV at their new home, it has continued.

“The police keep saying they sympathise with us and to keep recording it,” said Mrs Holland. “ I just don’t understand why something can’t be done.

“The police just come up and they talk to us but nothing is being settled. They keep saying there’s nothing they can do.”

West Mercia Police’s Inspector Paul Crowley said: “Police confirm that they have received complaints of this nature over a number of years.

“As with any reports of anti-social behaviour, the complaints have been taken seriously and police have investigated.

“While a number of files and CCTV images have been forwarded to the Crown Prosecution Service for them to review, to date, there has not been sufficient evidence of an offence for the matter to be put before the courts.

“Police are keen to reassure those involved that the local policing team will continue to monitor the situation and will take positive action as needed.”