For many years the 1st Kidderminster Boys' Brigade along with many other groups have been using Coopers Mill Cottage near Bewdley. The mill located in the Wyre Forest next to Dowles Brook has not escaped the budget cuts by Birmingham City Council. They like many councils are looking at ways to reduce their costs and their outdoor education service has been hard hit. The result for many young people will be a reduced opportunities to access the Wyre Forest on our doorstep.
We in the Boys' Brigade camp at the Mill with tents over Easter and stay in the Mill on the colder November,(plus the summer camps in the past). It gives our young people the chance to experience the forest by playing games, deer trekking, playing in the brook and walks at whatever time of day and in different weather. The mill is on our doorstep, but when you are there it seems you are miles away from civilisation.
This Easter might be our last at Coopers Mill which will end of an era for us and many others.
The loss of Coopers Mill is going to leave the forest with a lost gem of an opportunity. Will some-one else take this opportunity to give this place a future? Watch this space as they say.