Four members of Disability Wyre Forest met Mr David Balme,Worcstershire County Council Transportation Planning Officer (Rail)Environmental Services on Friday 27th November at Kidderminster railway station.

To discuss the Kiddermister railway project.

There are four key parts to the project: 1 Replacement of the railway station building ith a new terminal building.

2 Proviion of improved facilities for bus services at the station.

3 Installation of traffic signals at the entrance junction to the railay station.

4 Improvement of the walking route between the national rail station and the Severn Valley Railway station.

Mr Balme said"This project has to improve the services and facilities at Kiddrmister railway station to ensure that disabled people can access and use the new railway station without any impediment or difficulty."

Disability Action Wyre Forest welcomes this development and would welcome any feed back on this issue please email