Disability Action Wyre Forest is seeking views on improvements to Kidderminster railway station.

With the current consultation now under way members of the public have already approached Disability Action Wyre Forest.

Disability Action Wyre Forest discussed the consultation at the group’s April meeting, and welcomes the consultation on access to the station but members were deeply concerned with the passenger experience at the station.

Mr Lawley Chairperson said “I was contacted again in the last few days from a lady who arrived back at Kidderminster from Birmingham in the evening with her disabled daughter and discovered the lift at the bridge was closed.”

The lady continued to say “I felt very vulnerable being left on a deserted platform in the evening”.

She explained to me that her daughter suffers from severe arthritis and uses a wheelchair and had to walk up the exit ramp because the ramp was to steep for her to push her daughter.

After the incident the lady contacted London Midland who said to her in future she needs to give 24hrs notice and get off the train at Stourbridge junction and a taxi would bring them back to Kidderminster.

She said “This is ridiculous having to give 24hours notice just to use the train!”

If you have been effected by this issue please write to Disability Action C/o Volunteer Centre 184 Franche Rd Kidderminster DY11 5AD or visit web site www.disabilityactionwf.ik.com