Wyre Forest District has a duty to take proactive steps to ensure that polling stations don’t disadvantage disabled people.

All voters have aright to vote independently and in secret. A person who is registered to vote or who has been officially appointed as a proxy voter cannot be refused a ballot paper or opportunity to vote on the grounds of mental or physical incapacity.

Polling station staff must ensure that disabled voters are not offered a lower standard of service than other voters and should be able to explain what assistance is available to disabled voters wishing to vote in person at a polling station.

Disabled voters are also entitled to: The right to request assistance to mark ballot paper Disabled voters may request the assistance of the Presiding Officer to mark the paper form for them. Alternatively, they can bring someone with them to help them vote (this person must be an immediate family member over 18 years old or a qualified elector).

Assistance to electors unable to gain access to the polling station If an elector is unable to enter the polling station because of physical disability, the Presiding Officer may take the ballot paper to the elector.

If you have any concerns about your local polling station contact Wyre Forest District Council (Worcestershire Hub) 01562 820505 to try to resolve your problem. You can also contact the Electoral Commission on 020 7271 0592 or 020 7272 0728 for further guidance.