On Friday 6th April 2012 the two Companies of 1st Kidderminster and 1st Lye had the annual Easter camp at Coopers Mill in the Wyre Forest.

There was 18 boys and 8 staff attending. The camp which lasted for 5 days until the Tuesday certainly had mixed weather but that didn't dampen the fun.

We played football and played tracker and capture the flag games in the forest, at night we used glow sticks for the games. The boys enjoyed playing in the brook and we also went deer tracking and managed to see some of elusive creatures. On Saturday we walked to Bewdley which was a walk of just over half an hour. We went to the Chippy and to Teddy Grays sweet shop. Some of the lads went back to Coopers Mill on the mini-bus while others walked back.

Sunday we went to Vernon Hall Free Church in Stourport for the Easter service. We wore Uniform and there were a number of comments on how smart the Boys looked. The church was which was made a friend of the Boys’ Brigade last year was presented with a Boys’ Brigade diamond jubilee badge .

Tuesday soon came around and it was time pack up and go home. One of the comments after camp was when is the next camp!!!