Over 500 scouters attended the District Medieval Camp at Rhydd Covert Campsite over the Bank Holiday weekend.
Arriving on Friday evening the Cub Scouts Scouts and Explorer Scouts were all entertained by a “Birds of Prey Display” followed by the Disco Party with DJ Scott Denton & friends with hot dogs & burgers for supper.
Saturday after the breakfast the Beaver Scouts arrived & the Opening Ceremony was performed after which all the various groups of Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts did their base activities on various parts of Rhydd. The Scouts and Explorer Scouts did Chariot Building on Ebury Rise.
After lunch more base activities and the scouts along with the Explorer Scouts were trebuchet building (type of catapult).
After their evening meal they all dressed up in their medieval costumes for the torchlight procession luckily the rain had stopped by then, each group dressed in an appropriate way.
The District Commissioner (Julie Goodyear) herself was the Queen and her deputy (Paul Goodyear) was the Henchman, very evil looking. The second henchman (Andrew Hall) was equally as fearsome as they both had their faces covered and were carrying weapons.
Led by the henchman carrying a burning torch and the second henchman striking a drum each group filed behind (just like the piped piper) in turn and proceeded around the site to the rec where they all congregated in front of the Magistrate (Chris Reynolds – Site Warden).
Each in turn were called up by their village name by the Magistrate to pay their taxes to the High Sheriff of Worcester (Trevor Burgess).
They all had one person who had committed a misdemeanour and the High Sheriff either sent them to the gaol or to the stocks where they were pelted with small red rubber faces or worse still the henchman threw a bucket of water over them much to the amusement and laughter of all, except the poor men in the stocks.
A great deal of time had been put into this brilliant evening’s entertainment and all should be congratulated for their performances.
After this back to camp sites and to change into something more fitting as the next item on their agenda was the campfire and singing led by the Magistrate himself, by 10.30pm they all returned to their tents for a good night’s sleep.
Sunday after breakfast the Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts were bouncing up and down on the giant inflatable for a couple of hours whilst the scouts and Explorer Scouts were busy with their trebuchet building and battle. At 12.30 the Beavers had their presentation and left for home.
After lunch the Cub Scouts built castles and had their treasure hunt, the items all associated with medieval times were all to be found around the camp site, great excitement with the young people charging around trying to find all the various pieces that were required to finish their hunt. This was won by “The Black Dragons” 15th Kidderminster Cub Scouts (Habberley).
Meanwhile the scouts and the Explorer Scouts were having their turn on the giant inflatable.
At 6pm the first of three sittings found them all sitting down to their Medieval Banquet with the Jester.  The winners of the Medieval Pennants decorating the Dining Hall were Liyah K.D.1, Alex K.D.9 and Lewis K.D.9. The best Village Costumes was won by K.D.9, runners-up K.D.4 and Highly Commended K.D.21.
The Best Medieval Village winners were The Explorers, runners-up K.D.10 and Highly Commended K.D.10 & K.D.7 Cubs. The best Flag for the Cubs was won by K.D.4 the best Castle was won by K.D.15 Cubs
7.00pm saw Ebury Rise opened as the “Ye Olde Fun Fayre” and Tug-of-War competition, whilst the Scouts and Explorer Scouts had an Archery Tournament at the other end of the site and finished their day with Laser Tag in the woods. The Scout Troop “Overall Award” went to K.D.9 Wednesday troop.
The tug-of-war between the cub groups was won by K.D.7 A who were competing in the final against their other team K.D.7 B, well done to all of you.
After a continental breakfast on Sunday morning the closing ceremony and presentations took place on the rec , after a brilliant weekend despite a tremendous amount of rain falling, luckily we did have some dry times . A good time was had by all.
Congratulations to all the organisers and helpers.