Scouting from across Wyre Forest was represented at the Service of Commemoration to mark the 100th Annniversary of the Commencement of "The First World War" The service was held at Wyre Forest Crematorium. The readings were "The Dead and The Soldier" - Rupert Brooke "His Mate" - Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy and "In Flanders Fields" - John McCrae.

SONG; CHRISTMAS 1914 - Late on christmas eve 1914, men of the british expeditionary force heard the germans singing carols and patriotic sings and saw lanterns and small fir trees along their trenches. Messages began to be shouted between the trenches. The following day, British and German soldiers met in No Man's Land and exchanged gifts, took photographs and some played football. They also buried casualties and repaired trenches and dugouts. Some officers viewed the truce as a chance to improve living conditions in the trenches, while others worried that such unwarlike behaviour would undermine fighting spirit. The High Commands on both sides took measures to ensure fraternisation would not happen again, and the 1914 Christmas Truce remained a unique event on the Western Front. We also remember our own Scouting Colleagues, "Most of the Scoutmasters had gone to seve with the Forces and many did not return." 

"Only the dead have seen the end of war." - George Santayana.