Long journey by train, bus and ferry. We finally arrived on the Island about 3.30 and walked up to the camp site, about 1.25 miles to find that our camp site was actually the same site that Baden-Powell camped on back in 1907.

Whilst setting up camp we saw a Sika deer and a red squirrel. After setting up the tents we set about cooking tea chicken curry and boiled rice followed by angel delight or cake and custard.The scouts washed and dried up, we all then went for a walk up to the Founders stone.The scouts were falling asleep by the time we had supper and so turned in at 10.45, the leaders will not be far behind.

The weather has been kind to us so far, we even had sun during the journey only one hiccup so far, one of the scouts lost their sleeping bag on the last train, but thanks to a few phone calls all turned out well when the sleeping bag was retrieved having been to Weymouth and back.