A group of Kidderminster Beavers Cubs and Scouts became World Record Breakers after taking part in the Giant Sleepover.

42 youngsters and 7 leaders from KD8 held the sleepover at their HQ. The evening was taken up with a giant game of rounders, followed by a BBQ supper and films. This was the fourth year that KD8 have joined in the event. The Giant Sleepover has grown from just one school’s commitment in 2003 to a well established annual event and now breaks a Guinness World Record this year.

Over 20,000 participants took part in this years event on Saturday 19th June, giving thousands of parents the night off! Over 500 groups snoozed their way through Saturday night, breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest sleepover over 24 hours.

The event also helps raise money for several childrens charities including Save the Children, Sparks, Rainbow Trust and more.

more information about the event can be found at http:\\www.giantsleepover.com/