The president welcomed visitors Jane and Caroline and thanked Mary for the lovely flower arrangement.

The president reported that both the Ambling group and the lunch club are going strong, with an increasing number of members.

The crochet classes are continuing, with members demonstrating frustration at not being able to master the stitches – in spite of poor Kath’s efforts! But we will get there!

There is a ‘breakaway group’ of the village Knit n’ Natter group which will meet on the first Thursday of every month at the Old House at Home.

Forthcoming events were announced, including the next amble on 27 May, the next lunch meeting on 19 May at the Fox, Chaddesley Corbett, and Jan Cook’s Strawberry Tea on 19 June (weather permitting – or not!!).

There is to be an outing to the Woodlands Gardens at Stone on 16 July, and the annual seaside trip will be to Llandudno on 28 August.

More widely, the Annual Council meeting is open to all on 16 September, and there is a Lunch meeting on 9 October, with the speaker telling of his experiences with the RSC.

The WI Resolution – in support of opt in/ out to organ donation - was presented and proposed by Christine Rostrom, who had researched this sensitive issue in depth and gave us some thought provoking information.

The proposal was seconded and passed by a majority of votes.

The AGM then proceeded. All reports were accepted, the retiring was Committee re-elected with an additional new member.

Doreen Chatwin was proposed as president again and accepted the position.

The Annie Harrison plate competition (fruit scones) was won by June Homer, and the Denman bursary by Pat Taylor .

The evening ended with a Catchphrase competition, organised by Jan Cook.