BEWDLEY FLORAL ART: Kerry Artess was our demonstrator on October 3 with her title, "Rhyme and reason.

The nursery rhyme oranges and lemons was her first design in which she used yellow and red roses, yellow and gold gerberas and red sisal. Aspidistra leaves were manipulated to form a pair of praying hands and dried slices of orange and lemons completed the design.

The second arrangement was called “One for the road” and her foliage was golden beech leaves,spotted laurel and contrasting foliage in gold and yellows with three large sunflowers and Chinese lanterns.

A piece of wood which resembled a hanging tree came next with assorted foliage, New Zealand flax leaves, smoke bush,lotus seed heads and wonderful orchids.

Kerry's next design contained two placements with contorted willow,blue delphiniums and orange lilies.

Her last arrangement also had two placements with palms,bear grass and large ginger flowers.

Before our next meeting we will have been to Area Day at Droitwich and a theatre trip to Wolverhampton.

The next meeting will be on November 7 at Wharton Park Golf Club when our demonstrator Kay Higgins will be taking us around the world in 80 minutes.